Bentley Fiber

Bentley Fiber

Solution for designing, and maintaining outside plant fiber networks
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Bentley Fiber is a comprehensive product for designing, documenting, and maintaining outside plant fiber networks. It accommodates all the requisite fiber architectures, including FTTx, in a geospatial environment that provides for detailed engineering calculations performed interactively during the design process. Bentley Fiber includes capabilities for GIS land base development, strand mapping, and duct management to complete the geospatial engineering environment. Both Oracle Spatial persistence and relational database persistence are supported by Bentley Comms.

Main Features:

- DGNP (relational database)
- Spatial short transaction - temporary workspaces created by Bentley Map for each session, all modifications posted to the live workspace at the end of the session or the data is lost
- Spatial long transaction - workspaces created by Bentley Expert Designer for Communications can be stored for prolonged periods of time until they are merged to the live workspace at the end of the project
- Intelligent network model
- Color-coded cross-sections based on buffer tube or ribbon fiber
- Automatic routing function traces strand for quick operator input
Connectivity maintenance during creation and edit
- Equipment model validation
- Easy assignment of optical system name and description to a grouping of fibers
- Allows for circuit allocation and bandwidth management on an individual fiber basis
- Fiber schematics generated automatically
- Full network connectivity between outside plant and inside plant with Bentley Inside Plant
- Full support of WDM devices and network models
- Node segmentation support for HFC architectures
- Business decision support for locating paths for connection in the fiber network model
- Engineering calculations integral to the design process
- End-to-end tracing at sheath and fiber level
- Perform engineering calculations by area or entire network
- Fiber loss budget analysis
- Optical coupler optimization
- Rippling/throwing of optical systems or circuits
- Business decision support for locating paths for connection in the fiber network model
- Splice diagrams and associated reports
- Circuit Layout Record drawings based on ISP and OSP network connectivity node
- Customizable .xls BOM template capability
- Equipment report
- Device information report
- Consolidated bill of materials containing fiber equipment and cable
- Device bill of materials
- Sheath bill of materials
- Reel bill of materials

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